Trackemon – The Real-Time, Live Location Map For Pokémon GO

The life of a Pokémon Go master currently consists of time of work, treks with the family and detours on the pub crawl to allow for searching of those rare Pokémon. This means that it takes endless hours to become to best that there ever was, or in other words constantly checking your phone everywhere you go for that rare spawn. Luckily, a new website called allows for you to search and view Pokémon on a map in real-time.

Trackemon - The Real-Time, Live Location Map For Pokémon GO

Here’s how it works:

Trackemon is a Pokémon /locator for the mobile game Pokémon GO by Niantic. It uses the Niantic API to grab the location of all Pokémon near your or the selected location and displays them on the map in real-time. It is as simple as typing in a location into the search bar and waiting a few seconds to view all the Pokémon around you. Trackemon doesn’t only show your scans but also the scans of other users. Through a collective effect, the more users scanning areas the broader distance of Pokémon can be viewed. Any Pokémon that are displayed on the map can be caught with those lucky Pokeballs, just make sure you get to the location before the Pokémon despawns. Despawn times can be seen below the Pokémon character on the map. As it has been confirmed that spawns are area relevant, the site is useful for also learning what Pokémon spawn where and how long for. Unlike Pokevision the site also has other features and is moving along swiftly. A great feature recently released was the ‘rare Pokémon identifier’ this feature simply allows you to search for and reveal the closest location of one or more rare Pokémon.

Trackemon - The Real-Time, Live Location Map For Pokémon GO

Don’t waste anymore time using the flawed Pokémon Go ‘3 foot’ distance tab, head over to Trackemon now and start catching the rarest of Pokémon – you will be surprised by how close they really are!