GTA5 PC Mod mashes GTA with Pokemon Go

One of the great things about Grand Theft Auto is being able to free roam and create chaos around the streets of whatever city you have decided to live in. Another good thing is a weapon and life cheat code, which just makes the game go on and on. However, not everyone likes to cheat and for those there is there are mods. This is a mod for the PC version of GTA5 and it changes everything, from now on you can get the better of your enemies with a Poke Ball, just like Pokemon Go and you know how popular that is.

GTA5 PC Mod mashes GTA with Pokemon Go

Catch your foes with Poke Balls then release them and have them fight on your side. You’ll need to weaken whatever you want to catch, otherwise they’ll break free and destroy the Poke Ball. The tougher the opponent, the more you’ll have to weaken them. Unfortunately this doesnt work well in GTA V because peds like to randomly die from something as small as being slapped in the face. You get 6 balls, and as of now there is no way to get more.

GTA5 PC Mod mashes GTA with Pokemon Go

To get this mod simply check it out on GTA5 mods, just download and get going, you that you want to and you only get six Poke Balls, so its not going to last forever either. This means that you need to be careful with what you do with your Poke Balls otherwise you will end up with no balls and GTA5 will never be the same again.

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