Raised by Wolves cancelled #UpTheWolves begins

Raised by Wolves is one of those shows that you either like or don’t like, we happen to like it and are very sad that Channel Four doesn’t like anymore! To prove this they have pulled the plug on the TV series that is loosely based on the early years of Caitlin Moran and her sister Caroline, what a childhood that must have been!

Raised by Wolves cancelled #UpTheWolves begins

Comedy series written by Caitlin and Caroline Moran, set on a Wolverhampton council estate, it’s a modern-day reimagining of the brilliant chaos of the Morans’ own childhood

Raised by Wolves cancelled #UpTheWolves begins

But all is not lost as Caitlin Moran is planning to fight back with the #UpTheWolves campaign with aim of getting the third series made. She blames David Cameron and the Brexit vote for this decision, why not it’s as good a reason as anything else. So, if you are missing Raised by Wolves already this is your chance to make something good happen, what would Grampy do?

Written by David Allen

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