Cowarobot the luggage that follows you around

Travelling is great, but having to carry to luggage around with you is not so great, but that could all change with the Cowarobot, this is not just a smartcase, it’s a case that follows you around with no hands on needed. This is something that really does look like its from the future, but its not. The Cowarobot requires no keys either, it has a smartlock to ensure that only you can open it. So if you are looking to take your luggage to the next level, then this has to be the place to start.

Cowarobot the luggage that follows you around

COWAROBOT R1 senses your movement and follows you autonomously. It is designed to completely free your hands, allowing you to fully enjoy life even when you are on the go. Have a cup of coffee, check emails on your phone or hold your love one’s hand while your suitcase follows along.

Cowarobot the luggage that follows you around

The Cowarobot comes in four cool colours, rose pink, mystery black, voyage blue and satellite silver. It will be available from this November with a retail price of around $699, but if you like it and you order early enough they will knock the price down to $499, now that is a bargain! For more details on the Cowarobot and how to order one with $200 off go to the Cowarobot website.

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