In the Fight of the Living Dead who will survive?

In this video they have taken some of the most popular stars from YouTube and put them together in what appears to be an abandoned hospital, which is probably scary enough but they happen to be there during the early stages of a zombie apocalypse and there is someone using a walkie talkie to send a distress signal. This is a classic situation where a group of strangers are put into a situation out of their comfort zone. The problem is, will they work together to survive or will they take their own chances and get out of there as soon as they can leaving the others to get on with it? What would you do in this situation? I would clear off and leave them to it, sorry but what can I say!

In the Fight of the Living Dead who will survive?

In this new YouTube Red Original Series, 10 of your favorite YouTube stars are thrown into a simulated zombie apocalypse and forced to fight their way through an abandoned hospital. Pushed to their mental and physical breaking points they’ll have to work together, or they’ll die together. No phones, no internet, no escape. Who will survive?

Written by David Allen

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