When Its Hot You Need KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen

When the sun is shining most of us like to get outside and soak up the those rays, but the medical people are too keen to tell us that the suns rays are bad for us and so that means smothering ourselves with sunscreen, which is no fun at all. But wait, there is good news, KFC have come up with a wonderful idea and its called KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen.

When Its Hot You Need KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen

Available for a limited time only. Side effects may include the Extra Crispy™ lifestyle and smelling like fried chicken. KFC® Extra Crispy™ Sunscreen is an actual product. KFC® Extra Crispy™ Sunscreen is not a food product. NOT a food product. Do not eat this product. Even though this product smells delicious, it is not delicious. The only skin that should be extra crispy this summer is on your fried chicken.

When Its Hot You Need KFC Extra Crispy Sunscreen

With this product you are getting all the protection from the sun that you need with the bonus of smelling like southern fried chicken. The KFC sunscreen is being given away and it smells like southern fried chicken and to find out more on the special webpage Extra Crispy Sunscreen this is limited in availability so while supplies last after that when its gone, its gone!

Written by David Allen

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