Is this fictional video how the world as we know it ends?

There were several times when the cold war almost reached a point of no return, the Cuban Missile Crisis, The 1979 NORAD Computer Glitch, The 1983 Nuclear False Alarm and the The Able Archer 83 Exercise, yet the somehow the world was saved from the horror of a nuclear war. While this may appear to be something in the past, it seems that the current state of the world is no safer and somehow we could still find ourselves on the verge of destruction.

Is this fictional video how the world as we know it ends?

The content and implications of a scenario such as the one presented in the video are unsettling, and is intended to remind people how quickly things might change, how important it is to value what we have and to take less for granted, and to recognise how fundamentally unprepared we are as individuals and as a society for any such event.

Is this fictional video how the world as we know it ends?

This film is a fictional account created by Ben Marking, yet by using current news footage, the names of those in power and clever editing the film is all too real. This video starts off as a normal day on BBC 1, then normal programming is interrupted and the breaking news is that NATO and Russian forces have engaged following an incident, from here we are on the road to nuclear war, surely it will not go that far and someone will call a halt to the hostilities before it is too late!

Written by David Allen

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