Axum wireless earbuds designed for active people

The average earbud is fine for when you are just sitting around in a quiet room, but if you are travelling or taking part in sports you are going to need something a bit better than just average. This is where the Axum earbuds are looking to fit in offering the user a great looking earbud that offers high quality audio and that are able to cope with the pressure of extreme sports.

Axum wireless earbuds designed for active people

Features – M-voiD® Sound Technology, Noise Cancellation, Bluetooth 4.1, Up to 10 meters range, Built-In Mic, Magnetic Hassle-Free charging and Waterproof double nanocoating. Battery – Battery 60mAh, Playtime 4 hours and Recharge fully in 60 min. Sound – Dynamic Driver Speaker, AptX coded CSR, 20Hz – 20kHz and Impedance 16 Omh

Axum wireless earbuds designed for active people

We are expecting AxumGear to launch these earbuds mid 2017 with a retail price of around $299, but if you like what you are seeing then pre order now and pay just $149 for a set of earbuds with the great looking wireless charging case too. For details on the Axum or for updates on how things are coming along, head on over to the AxumGear website.

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