DistractaGone for those times your phone is a distraction

Today using a smartphone is so commonplace that it seems that there are no boundaries, the smartphone has worked its way deep into our work and personal time, which means sometimes there comes a point where enough is enough. Yet, it should not have to be like this and the DistractaGone could be the answer. This simple device allows you, your family and friends to lock the smartphone away for a set time, allowing everyone to enjoy a meal, drink, meeting or to just chill for a while.

Many of us are addicted to our smartphone. Although we often acknowledge the problem, we don’t seem to act. Can’t we just put away our phones when we have to work, study, go to a restaurant, watch a movie, have a coffee, read a book, watch a game or have family time? We wish it was easy, but there’s always an excuse. Let’s face it: we all get too distracted. DistractaGone offers a simple solution for you and for those around you.

This is so new that there no news on when or if it will go on sale and there is no details on pricing either. So for now you are safe from those who dream of the smartphone free zone. But one day you could end up having to place your precious smartphone inside the DistractaGone before you can sit down for to eat, drink or for that important business meeting. To stay informed on the progress of this device head on over to the DistractaGone website.