Lavaclip keeps your coffee hot for two hours

There is nothing worse than spending your hard earned cash on a coffee from your favourite store only to find that by the time you have got around to drinking it, the coffee has gone stone cold and that is such a waste of good coffee. This could soon be a thing of the past with the Lavaclip.

The Lavaclip is a simple device fits onto the bottom of your takeaway coffee cup and keeps it warm for up to two hours, you will never have to drink a cold coffee again. The device is rechargable through a USB connection and weighs in at just 125 grams.

Lavaclip keeps your coffee hot for two hours

LavaClip has revolutionized the way we experience drinking coffee, tea, or any other hot drink. It clips to the bottom edges of most paper cup sizes served at coffee shops and keeps your hot beverage warm at optimal drinking temperature.

The Lavaclip will be available in six cool colours; charcoal, rouge, cafe noir, rose, midnight blue and blanc. If you like the Lavaclip you can pre order from $20 CAD or wait until it goes on retail sale and pay around $25 CAD, whatever method you choose keep up to date with things on the Lavaclip website and enjoy a nice hot coffee whenever it suits you.

Written by David Allen

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