New radio show puts tech heroes in the spotlight

Tech innovation’s brightest sparks are the focus of a brand new radio programme, The TechTalk Show.

Founded by Tech London Advocate, Sue Nelson, The TechTalk Show features the industry’s hottest prospects and most exciting developments. Broadcast every Thursday live on Channel Radio and TuneIn Radio, the snappy one-hour format is packed with the latest tech news, alongside in-depth interviews with the UK’s most innovative business figures.


From established tech heroes to emerging bright sparks, only those at the cutting edge of innovation are invited to appear. Designed to give innovators an invaluable platform from which to shout about their work, The TechTalk Show gives you the lowdown on everything you need to know about tech today.


Presenters Jeremy Eames (below) and Steve Griffiths are at opposite ends of the ‘geek spectrum’, but both have a passion for giving start-ups and rising businesses the showcase they deserve.


Show founder Sue Nelson is CEO of tax consultants Breakthrough Funding, which helps tech companies claim research and development tax credits from the government. Having witnessed first-hand the amazing work going on in tech today, she wanted to help these companies bring their innovations to a wider audience.


“In my day job I help businesses get back lovely wads of cash for all their brilliant R&D work, but sometimes that’s not quite enough,” Sue said. “Jeremy and Steve will be giving these businesses the much needed oxygen of exposure to a tech-minded audience. 

“Plus, when you’re trying to innovate, in any field, user testing is absolutely essential. It captures exactly how a customer views and interacts with your product at a practical level, which is where the show’s ‘unboxing’ feature comes in.”


The trend of unboxing, in which reviewers literally unpack and assess a product in front of viewers’ eyes, is taking the world by storm. At the time of writing, the most popular unboxing video on YouTube had received over 95 million views. Jeremy, Steve and their guests will be unboxing the latest tech products live on air during the show, which will be simultaneously live streamed on Facebook and the video shared on The Tech Talk Show website and YouTube channel. 


“This is just about the most honest feedback you will ever receive and offers fantastic exposure, along with immediate, impartial reactions to everything about it, from the packaging to the operation,” Sue said. “The presenters and guests will be completely honest about what they see, though, so you should be prepared for some constructive criticism!” 


The TechTalk Show wants to hear from innovators who are working on gaming, software development, apps, the Internet of Things, cyber security, gadgets and wearables. If you would like to submit a product for unboxing or you have an innovative new product to showcase to listeners, get in touch with the show via email


Launching on Thursday September 1, The TechTalk Show will broadcast live from 1pm to 2pm every Thursday on Channel Radio and TuneIn Radio, as well as the live stream on The website has a ‘listen again’ feature and all shows are available as a podcast on iTunes and via the Podcast app.