Walking and texting is not dangerous anymore!

We have all seen the videos of people walking along using their smartphones not looking where they are going, its an accident waiting to happen and that is exactly what happens. Although many of these videos are funny, they could easily be very serious too and that is not funny at all.

However, things are about to change with the launch of the Urban Periscope, its a case that your smartphone fits into and its unique feature is the built in mirror system that allows the user to look at the screen and where they are going all at the same time.

The Urban Periscope is a phone case that uses the principles of the periscope to redirect your vision 90 degrees. This allows the user to stare down at their phone while also seeing what’s directly in front of them.

The Urban Periscope is not available just yet, but it will be soon for the owners of the iPhone 6 at first. The case is completely independent from the phone, so its not going to use your battery or anything like that. If you want to keep informed on the progress of the Urban Periscope check in at their website now and then.