Do politicians lie? This watch seems to think so!

Here in the UK we used to be more laid back on politics to the point that many of those eligible to vote never bothered. But the Brexit result has changed things and the British are more in tune with events in the political arena. Over the Atlantic in the USA, things are very different and the voters are just as vocal as the big political names.

However, the Presidential race to the White House is now between, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, both have their fans and both have their haters too! While some people are willing to stick to social media in order to have their say, some are resorting to other methods. Take this watch by the Washington Watch Company, they are no fans of Donald Trump and have come up with a watch to prove it.

This watch design appears normal at first with a leather strap,quartz movement and a cartoon image of the man himself on the watch face. The cool thing about it is that in true Pinnochio style his nose grows in length every six seconds, apparently some people think that Donald Trump tells porkies, we are in the UK and so we couldn’t possibly comment!

We’re getting a great response to it, both from the public and the media. The watch makes a humorous political statement about Trump’s willingness to say anything to become president. It’s a real conversation starter.

If you are liking the idea of a watch that depicts Donald Trump and his growing nose it could be your for around $49, or if you are very quick you could bag a bargain as the introductory price is just $34 and that is no lie! Check it out on the Trump Growing Nose Watch website. In fairness all we need now is the Hillary Clinton watch, but what would that look like?