Going to San Francisco? You could be driving Erlich Bachman’s car!

San Francisco is a great place to visit and now it is about to get a lot better, as you can now hire the world famous Aviato car as driven by that god of Silicon Valley, Erlich Bachman. This is one car that is bound to get you noticed, so if you heading down to Silicon Valley for an important meeting, then maybe this could be the vehicle that gets you in the door, after all Erlich Bachman does know a lot of people in the valley, not all for a good reason, but a contact is a contact!

The sleek, sexy-as-sin Ford Escape is swathed in branding from the legendary startup, Aviato. Perhaps you’ve heard of it? Aviato is much more than just a company acquired by Frontier Airlines – it was once the modest seed that helped to grow the giant redwood of Bachmanity Capital and the Palo Alto Hacker Hostel, both founded by distinguished Silicon Valley investor/visionary/mentor Erlich Bachman.

You get a free pick up and drop off at the SFO, unlimited mileage, nice seats, AC power and do not even try to smoke in this car as it will cost you $250! If all of that don’t put you off then head on over to the Turo website and book this car from just $49 a day. So if you want to cash in on the success of Silicon Valley, then this is it.