DxO Releases New DxO ONE 2.0 iOS App Update

Today, camera manufacturer DxO released a 2.0 update of its DxO ONE iOS app for all DxO ONE users and announced that new accessories for the miniaturized DxO ONE pro-quality connected camera will start shipping the week of September 19th.

The 2.0 iOS software update includes Wi-Fi Remote Control*, Mobile Smart Lighting, auto white balance for underwater photos, and better battery management. The update is available now to all existing users free of charge via the iTunes App Store. In addition, the new DxO ONE accessories ecosystem—including a waterproof Outdoor Shell, ultra-compact Stand, snap-on Optical Adapter and protective quick-draw Zipped Pouch dramatically extend the DxO ONE’s creative possibilities and its fields of use.

To ensure the compatibility of the DxO ONE with iOS 10, please note that DxO ONE users must update their DxO ONE iOS app to version 2.0, available now in the iTunes App Store. Due to changes made by Apple to app management in background in iOS 10, using an earlier version than 2.0 may cause the iPhone to freeze and sometimes even to require a hard reboot.

The DxO ONE is available now to order at dxo.com and via other respected retailers for £399 / 499 €. Genuine DxO accessories include the Outdoor Shell for £49.99 / 59,90 €, the Stand for £19.99 / 24,90 €, the Optical Adapter for £19.99 / 24,90 €, and the Zipped Pouch for £15.99 / 19,90 €. They are available for order now on www.dxo.com and at select stores.

*Wi-Fi Remote Control via an existing network is now available. Direct Wi-Fi connection will be enabled shortly.