Having trouble focusing? Then try the Fidget Cube

If you are one of those people who are constantly clicking the top of a ballpoint pen or some other annoying habit like tapping your fingers on the table then you are either bored or trying to think about something, either it’s annoying to everyone else and the Fidget Cube could be the solution to this habit. The Fidget Cube is a handy little thing that fits into the palm of your hand and will provide you with hours of distracting fun, while not annoying your family, friends or work colleagues. It is basically a cube with six functions such as; click, glide, flip, breathe, roll and spin. Each function has been designed to replicate clicking a pen, tapping fingers etc, but quietly.

Fidget Cube

There are really no limits to when and where you can use Fidget Cube. Use it while listening to a lecture, or while studying for that upcoming test. Use it in the next meeting you have to attend (or lead). Use it at your desk while working on projects.

Fidget Cube

The idea is not to stop you from distracting others while you solve the problem that has been bugging you. The Fidget comes in eight different colour schemes such as; Dice, Graphite, Midnight, Aqua, Sunset, Berry, Fresh, and Retro. This is a such a simple idea it might just catch on. The Fidget Cube is expected to launch by the end of the year with a retail price of around $25, but pre order now and you can secure one for the knock down price of around $19. There are other offers for buyers who think that just one Fidget Cube is not going to be enough, the more the merrier!

Written by David Allen

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