The Handee Holder Waist Bag Smartphone Holder

Today there are more smartphone owners than ever,its only natural as they become easier to use and cheaper to buy. Yet it seems that we are fast becoming a nation of people who are walking around with our heads down looking at screens, but it does not have to be like that as the Handee Holder will prove. This simple idea sort of mashes together a bum bag and a selfie stick to provide the smartphone user with a device that requires no hands and so it allows the user to carry shopping, hold a cup of coffee and so on, so why hasn’t something like this been invented before?

Handee Holder

Handee Holder has taken inspiration from the humble waist bag and given it a modern twist to suit today’s connected and busy lives. It’s made up of a main strap that is easily attached around the user’s waist, as well as two additional mini straps for extra support. The stand itself has a maximum extension of 30cm and operates by frictional joints which allow the stand to be easily positioned manually.

Handee Holder

The Handee Holder will be launching early next year with a retail price of around £30, but if you like the idea of this smartphone holder then order early and save £10, yes you can pre order one of these bags for just £20 for a short while. There are two sizes to choose from small to medium or medium to large, the strap is 70 mm wide and the stand will expand up to 30 cm. Finally you can choose from black, dark grey or navy blue, so many choices and so many uses, that is the Handee Holder.

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