The Hillary Clinton growing nose watch

You might remember that a couple of weeks ago we featured the Donald Trump growing nose watch by the Washington Watch Co, it is designed to show everyone that politicians lie and as we all know in the story of Pinocchio, when he told a lie his nose would grow, if only that was true for politicians! So the growing nose watch was born, first for Donald Trump and now for Hilary Clinton!

Hillary Clinton growing nose watch

The nose actually triples in length every six seconds, Available in Gold and Silver, Genuine Leather Strap, Gold-Tone Case, Stainless Steel Crown, Waterproof

Hillary Clinton growing nose watch

Now you can really show your colours by choosing which presidential candidate to ridicule and at the same time you are able to show your support for the either Donald Trump or Hilary Clinton. Living in the UK we of course, have little concern for politics in other countries, as we have enough of our own to worry about. But these watches are funny and maybe they may even go international, what do you think?

Written by David Allen

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