Fix it with the Sugru Rebel Tech Kit

You know how it is, something breaks and needs to be fixed, but you never get around to it and then it is too late. Well you are not alone we too have been guilty of this and really there is an easier way of handling these kinds of situations thanks to Sugru. This is the Rebel Tech Kit and although it sounds as if you are going to battle the Empire, this is something that everyone should have in the home, office or even the car. Sugru are famous for their smart glue and this kit is just an addition to the range.

Sugru Rebel Tech Kit

Sugru sticks permanently to lots of stuff like ceramics, glass, metal, wood, and most plastics and fabrics. Just push it onto something, then it’s time to build, seal, fix, create and stick things together. You’ll have 30 minutes to get the job done. Give it 24 hours, and Sugru turns into a durable, flexible silicone rubber that stays stuck (unless you remove it).

Sugru Rebel Tech Kit

The Sugru Rebel Tech Kit comes with four small pack of the sticky stuff ready to use, a handy storage tin to keep them safe in and an informative booklet with fourteen useful projects that can really make things better. So if you are like us and have bent or broken cables, want to secure a tablet to almost any surface and anything similar, then you know what to do! Keep an eye out for the Sugru Rebel Tech Kit when it goes on sale next month, with a retail price of around £10 on the Sugru website, now that has to be a bargain!

Written by David Allen

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