Westworld where the wild west and science fiction meet

Imagine a theme park for adults where you can live in the wild west of the late 19th Century! This might sound cool, but remember this is the wild west, where outlaws and the law rule, which means shootings, hangings and all sorts of things happening on a daily basis. Still like the idea, then visit Westworld this is where the latest technology is being used to create this destination for those who really do want to get away from it all.


In a futuristic theme park staffed by artificial beings, guests can live out their wildest fantasies. However, when the robots begin to run amok, the guests find themselves in a world where anything can happen…


Westworld is a TV series based on the classic movie from 70’s, it gives us a look at both worlds, the modern where technology is beyond what we currently enjoy and the past where your life could be at risk by saying the wrong thing or looking at the wrong person. Westworld will be showing on Sky Atlantic from the 4th October, so grab your gun and holster to see if you are fast enough to win the draw!

Written by David Allen

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