Got some old Lego! Why not build a drone!

If you have had children or grown up in house with children somewhere there is bound to be some old Lego lying around, you will know where it is because it is almost a certainty that you would have trod a piece in bare feet and usually at night. Anyway, if those plastic bricks are still around then you could be taking the steps to building your very own drone, cool!

flybrix lego drone

Flybrix is a kit that makes getting started intuitive for beginners, while staying challenging for experts. Access sensor data and tune motors our Chrome Extension Configuration Software. The Flybrix brain is a powerful, open-source, Arduino compatible PCB.

flybrix lego drone

Obviously, you might need a bit of help in this task and that is where the Flybrix comes in. This is a system that you can either use with your old Lego bricks or there are kits that come with some bricks included. You get everything you need and in no time at all you could be flying a cool looking drone around the home, what is not to like about that?

flybrix lego drone

The basic kit will set you back around $149, while there is a deluxe kit available from around $189 and there is a remote control expansion pack available from $80. So there is nothing stopping you now from building a colourful drone made from Lego and the great thing is, if it crashes this drone is going to be an easy repair. Check it out on the Flybrix website.

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