Blackberry launch the Android powered DTEK50

I used to love my old Blackberry back in the day, I even switched from an iPhone at the time (2011) and then everything went wrong, users were unable to receive or send emails or BBM messages and then the device started freezing, my love affair with Blackberry was over. Now, it seems we are being tempted by the next generation of Blackberry devices, the latest one being the Android powered DTEK50. Am I tempted to switch from my faithful Nexus 6, no! Blackberry will need to impress me much more than just a glossy advert.

Blackberry DTEK50

Fully Android, with access to millions of apps from Google Play™
5.2” scratch resistant display
Intelligent Keyboard
Convenience Key
8MP front camera with flash and 13MP auto-focus rear camera
BlackBerry Security that protects the private details of your life from being hacked

Blackberry DTEK50

For those of you who did not live through the bad Blackberry times, then you have an open mind and the all new Blackberry DTEK50 might have some features that suit your needs. Its Android powered so that is good, it comes with a lot of interesting features and because it’s powered by Android you have access to the apps on Google Play. The Blackberry DTEK50 is available right now and you can buy one from around £275 from the Blackberry store. Are you tempted?

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