Surveillance drones hacked and used pass messages on

If you live in a busy city you cannot escape being under surveillance from CCTV and now drones, but as with any technology that governments and organisations use to keep an eye on us, it too can be used for other purposes you only need to get into the system to make it work for you too. This teaser trailer for In The Robot Skies show how drones will be used to watch over us, but kids have found a way to hack and decorate them, but more importantly they are using the drone to carry messages for them.

In The Robot Skies

We watch as they pass notes to each other via their own hacked and decorated drone, like kids in an old fashioned classroom, scribbling messages with biro on paper, balling it up and stowing it in their drones.. In this near future city drones form both agents of state surveillance but also become co-opted as the aerial vehicles through which two teens fall in love.

In The Robot Skies

We know that the rise of surveillance technology will never stop, it will become part of lives watching us as we going about our daily lives, even though most of us are doing nothing wrong. Yet in this movie it shows us that no matter how sophisticated technology becomes, there will always be a way to the tables on it and make it your own. In The Robot Skies will premiere at the London Film Festival on October 8th.

Written by David Allen

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