How to put a Megabot robot on its back for good

You may have already heard about the Megabot giant robot battle between Team USA and Team Japan, so you might be wondering just how do you beat a giant robot that is under the control of a human pilot? Well it seems like there are several ways of defeating a fifteen foot six ton robot and the most simple is to get down to a demolition site and borrow some of those cool tools that you use down there. The battle will be swift and the robot will be on it’s back. All you have to hope for now is that the Megabot is unable to get back up, if that happens then we are all in trouble and it’s time to run to hills or up the stairs!

Giant Robot Duel

Welcome to MegaBots Season 1! We’ve created a YouTube series that follows the design, fabrication, and testing of America’s first mech in preparation for the world’s first Giant Robot Duel between us and Suidobashi Heavy Industry of Japan. We start by destroying our Mk.II robot… for SCIENCE. If we’re going to be inside this robot during the Duel, we’re going to make damn sure we don’t get hurt (or worse) during combat. To do that, we need to try to break our $200,000, 6-ton, 15-foot tall combat robot and see what happens to a crash test dummy inside.