Create cool and stylish furniture with Ratchet Legs!

For many of us, the idea of making a piece of furniture that is both practical and nice looking would sound like too hard work and the result would be a heap of stuff outside by the bin. But a new idea could change that and one day you might be thinking “I could make a nice table out of that piece of wood!” with the help of Ratchet Legs!

Ratchet Legs! #ratchetlegs

How many times have you come across a lovely piece of wood or other material that would make a great looking desk, dining table or coffee table, but you have no idea how to attach legs and if you tried would the table be sturdy enough to take the weight of what you would want to use the table for! Well these Ratchet legs can make a cool looking and practical table from almost any flat surface, imagine the possibilities?

Ratchet Legs! #ratchetlegs

Ratchet Legs are portable/ lightweight table legs that instantly transform any existing surface, be it new old or reclaimed, into a table, desk, coffee table or bench. With effortless attachment, Ratchet Legs create practical furniture for all uses, from office desks, to dining sets, to ping pong tables.

Ratchet Legs! #ratchetlegs

The Ratchet Legs come in kits of tall legs at 28 inches high and short legs at 16.5 inches high, you get four legs in a pack and two ratchet straps. The legs are made from high quality 1.5 mm steel sheets and come in a choice of either a black, white or red powder coating. All you need to provide is the surface, which could be old desk & table tops, reclaimed materials, signs and just about anything that has thickness of between 0.4 inches up to 1.8 inches.

Ratchet Legs! #ratchetlegs

Ratchet Legs are expected to be going on sale early next year, with the short leg kit costing around £80 and the long leg kit costing around £100. This is not a high price to pay for something that could make a completely original piece of furniture from something that might cost very little. Plus when people ask you where that cool table came from, you can answer, “I made that!” how cool is that?

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