Remember Schrodingers Cat? So play the Dead Cat game!

If you love science and theories or if like me you are a fan of the Big Bank Theory then you know about Schrodingers Cat! This is theory by Erwin Schrodinger, whose quantum theory explanation involves a cat, a vial of acid and a steel box, the theory being that so long as the box remains closed the cat is both alive and dead. Now this idea has been turned in a game, called Dead Cat!

Dead Cat game!

In Dead Cat, you try to guess how long the cat in the box is already dead while misleading your opponents. When it’s your turn you have two options: you either look into the box and change your bet, or you announce that the cat is dead.

Dead Cat game!

This is a brilliant game to play when you and your friends are looking for something that does not require power, a games console and a huge TV screen. This game is due to be released in the middle of next year, although you can secure an early edition by supporting the project through crowdfunding. There are plenty of options available, but just £12 is enough to get you the Dead Cat game.

Written by David Allen

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