Stingray the bicycle light for the 21st century

At this time of the year when the light of day is late to rise in the morning and fades early in the evening, this is the time to think of visibility especially if you are a cyclist, after all if you poor lighting then how are other road users going to see you before it’s too late? Well finally, somebody has been thinking about this and they have come up with the Stingray!

Stingray Bike Light Alarm #Stingray

This is the light to have if you are using you bike when the light is fading as it offers an output of 300 Lumens on high and various other settings according to the situation at the time. The Stingray’s battery pack is easily charged through a USB connection and can offer up to ten hours of power at the lowest setting, the highest setting is lower at around two hours.

Stingray Bike Light Alarm #Stingray

But, having good lights is not everything, after all if the bike is stolen not only have you lost the bike, you have also lost you cool light system too. So, the Stingray comes with an alarm system that will ensure that you bike is still where you left it. The security system is motion based, but it’s smart too and will not take notice of a knock, but the movement involved in stealing a bike will set it off.

Stingray Bike Light Alarm #Stingray

This is a great idea for bike owners, not only will it make sure that you are seen in poor light, it will also protect the bike too. You might be thinking that something so sophisticated is going to cost the earth. Well at £50 it sounds like a bargain, for that you get the Stingray light alarm, FOB, power adaptor, shims and manuals. Expect to see the Stingray on sale this time next next year.

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