Capsule the story of the secret British space program!

In the late 50’s and early 60’s there was a battle being waged, not on Earth, but in space! The science of World War II launched the space race and as this was new for mankind everything was a milestone, but the prize would be to send a man to the moon. You might be familiar with the Russian and American space programs, but there was a British space program too. Capsule is the story of the launch of the first British rocket and its astronaut Guy Taylor. The flight starts off fine, but a malfunction in the Capsule could mean mission failure, could the Russians or Americans help?

#Capsule the British space program

Based on historical events surrounding the International Space Race, it’s 1959 and a British astronaut is trapped, hopelessly alone, in a malfunctioning capsule orbiting the Earth. After missing his re-entry window and with limited contact to his Mission Control, the deeply suspicious Russians and Americans attempt to intervene. Now, to make it home alive, he must make a choice that may have unimaginable consequences for the outcome of the Cold War.