Photolemur Beta Auto Photo Enhancement

So you have taken a once in a lifetime photo, but it has not come out as you expected it to. So what do you do, bin it or enhance it? Well to bin it would be a waste especially if it is one of those photos that just happens one. Yet to enhance an image requires software and this can be expensive, so why not give Photolemur a go, its in beta and while it is the price is free! You cannot go wrong here, so watch the video, read the text and give it go, what have you got to lose? To be honest, from what we can see this is something special and the results are spectacular!

#Photolemur Beta Auto Photo Enhancement

Each photo is a stopped moment from life. Cameras are taking just pixels, we want to return instant beauty of moment to each picture taken with any camera. The mission of Photolemur is to bridge the gap between what our eyes see and what our cameras take. It doesn’t change the look of the reality on the photos, it simply makes photos vivid, beautiful and natural. Just like the world around. Our goal is to help millions of people around Globe to get more vivid memories from any snapshots without manual photo editing.