Planty Cover protects your plants from cats!

I don’t know about you, but in our garden there is plenty of wildlife including the occasional visit from a cat or two. Now while these visitors do not bother us that much, but for some people the idea of a cat digging around in the flower pots and doing their business in there too, is just too much. However, worry not for here is the Planty Cover, it comes in twelve cool colours, five sizes and its job is to stop those cats from messy up your plants and they look cool too.


We’ve designed an innovative pot cover. It is flexible and made in textile. The cover can adapt to a variety of pot sizes – small, medium, large, extra large, extra/extra large. In fact, the covers come in 5 sizes that can fit 90% of the pots in the market. We’ve chosen a POP colored design: for each of the 5 sizes there are 12 different options of colors


This is so new that there are no prices or any news of when the Planty Cover will be going on sale, but if you value your potted plants and would like to keep them looking smart, then the Planty Cover is well worth keeping an eye. You can head on over to their website right now for details and to stay in touch with the news of how the Planty Cover is developing.

Written by David Allen

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