Take a step into the Inferno with Netflix

Being in the UK we have little experience of volcanos, but for other places around the world living with an active volcano is a way of life. This clever documentary on Netflix will show us exactly what living near the inferno is like and strangely, things do not seem to be a scary as you might think!

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From North Korea to Ethiopia to Iceland to the Vanuatu Archipelago, humans have created narratives to make sense of volcanoes; as stated by Herzog, “volcanoes could not care less what we are doing up here.” Into the Inferno teams Herzog with esteemed volcanologist Clive Oppenheimer to offer not only an in-depth exploration of volcanoes across the globe but also an examination of the belief systems that human beings have created around the fiery phenomena.

#intotheinferno #netflix

This is an original film made for Netflix by Werner Herzog with the help of the volcano expert Clive Oppenheimer. Forget about the movies that feature eruptions and lava flows, this is the real thing and this just goes to show that Mother Natural is not to be messed with or taken for granted either.

Written by David Allen

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