UFO sightings increase thanks to drones

You have probably seen a strange light in the night sky and wondered what it is. You might have thought that it had been moving slowly, was a strange shape or making a strange sound etc, either way you would probably eliminate it from being a UFO simply because they do not exist or do they? Check out this video and you will be amazed at these UFO sightings!

#ufo #drone UFO sighting

Carrying the old 1000W LED light bar underneath the Freefly Alta. Filmed by: Henning Sandstrom, Mike Hagadorn, Cody Wratten, John Lillquist, Deniz Ozgoren & Colter Merritt

#ufo #drone UFO sighting

As you now know, the video shows how you too can fool people into thinking that they have had a close encounter and unless you tell them, they will never know the truth that the UFO is really a drone with some cool lighting effects attached to it. The search for aliens and UFO’s will never be the same again.

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