The X200 Power Hub will power all of your devices

No matter how cool our technology is, without the means to power it up or charge its battery this state of the art technology becomes an expensive paperweight. Obviously, when we are at home or at work, power is available most of the time and yet what happens if the power fails or you are stuck out in the middle of nowhere? How do you charge your batteries then? Well there are portable chargers and this one is something a bit special, the X200 Power Hub can be charged by solar panels, through the car power point, mains power supply and when all else fails, the hand cranking feature.

#x200powerhub X200 Power Hub

Battery Type: 14.8V, 13600 mAh 4S4P lithium-ion battery
Standby Time: 75-100% charge capacity for up to 12 months
Inverter: 300 Watt/5.1A max
USB Output: 5V DC/3A, 15W max
Terminal Starter/Charger: 12V – 20V DC/10A max
Hand Crank Generator: 100 Watt/0-10A max/12-24V DC
DC IN: 16V – 20V DC/5A (solar, wall, car, other)
Weight: 11.6lbs (5.3kg)
Dimensions: 11.2? x 7.8? x 9.1? (285 x 198 x 231 mm)

#x200powerhub X200 Power Hub

You do not have to be an outdoor extreme sports type to find the X200 Power Hub useful, we were without mains power for three days once following a storm and when those battery levels start getting low, believe me the feeling of being cut off becomes a reality very fast. They are expecting to start selling this device from around May next year with a retail price from around $349, but get in early and save $50! For more details on the X200 Power Hub and where to get your special early bird offer go to the Power Hub page on Kickstarter right now!

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