London artist is leaving #notestostrangers

Putting a poster onto a wall, lamp post or some other solid object in the UK is as welcome as somebody coming along and spraying graffiti on the wall of your house or business. Yet it still happens and when comes down to it, if Banksy came along and left behind an original piece of art there are not many people who would complain. The same goes for Andy Leek, he is an artist who produces thought provoking posters and then posts them around London.

@Notestostrangers #AndyLeek

Andy Leek Artist. Among other projects, I leave positive notes in copies of the metro for strangers to find. Pasting up posters too. Will repost pics & credit

@Notestostrangers #AndyLeek

His work is subtle, rude, colourful and to the point! Yet these posters are getting a following, just go to the @Notestostrangers Instagram page to see. This is where anyone who finds one of these posters is sharing and so a mini art revolution is happening right here, missing out on this is not an option for anyone who is social, art loving and just a bit cool at the same time. This is a your chance to get involved in something brilliant!

Written by David Allen

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