Possibly the most expensive crisps in the world

#steriksbrewery #crips #limtededition

There are normal crisps and then there are expensive crisps, but here is something that is pushes the boundaries when it comes to crisps. These are the crisps from St Eriks Brewery, they come in a special box containing just five crisps and they are limited to just one hundred boxes! I suppose you are wondering how much these special crisps are, well they 499 Kr, which is around £60! Yes £60 for five crisps, well they should be really special in that case.

#steriksbrewery #crips #limtededition

This is not the potato chips at any time. This is potato chips made on the Nordic countries’ most exclusive raw materials, as the basis of a St. Erik’s India Pale Ale composed to perfection by the Swedish Culinary Team. For a complete taste experience should chips of course be enjoyed with a St. Erik’s India Pale Ale.

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