BT turns old phone boxes into Wi-Fi hotspots with LinkUK

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There was a time when a classic red phone box could be found on almost every street and in some handy rural locations too. But these days most of the remaining BT phone boxes are not red and do not even have a phone to use either, yet a deal with the team behind LinkNYC to breath new life into these forgotten icons by providing anyone nearby with free Wi-Fi, phone calls and even a place to charge your smartphone, these will be known as LinkUK!

#bt #linkuk #redphonebox

Connect to free ultrafast Wi-Fi using your personal device.
Access maps, directions, and city services from an easy-to-use touchscreen tablet.
Stay in touch with free phone calls powered by BT.
Press the dedicated red 999 button in the event of an emergency.
Safely charge your device using one of two USB ports.
Enjoy more room on the pavement with Link’s sleek, resilient design.
View public service announcements and more relevant advertising on two 135.7cm HD displays.

#bt #linkuk #redphonebox

Obviously this transformation of old BT Phone Boxes is not going to happen overnight, the first batch will only involve a hundred phone boxes, the next phase will see a further seven hundred and fifty phone boxes in the London area with the work starting next year! So, if you live outside of the capital and there is an old phone box near your home, do not expect to be getting free Wi-Fi anytime soon. Looks like the broadband contract will have to stay in place for now!

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