Earrings designed to catch your Earbuds!

#wirelessearbuds #earbudcatchingearrings

We all love anything that is wireless, although there is the exception for wireless earbuds as they can easily pop out of your ear and depending on where it happens could be lost forever. So when you consider the cost of these wireless earbuds it is not something that you would want to take a chance on, especially while on the daily commute.

#wirelessearbuds #earbudcatchingearrings

Hold on there, before you pack those wireless earbuds away and break out the old faithful wired version, check out these earrings. They have been designed specifically the wireless earbud user, because this clever shape will catch your falling earbud! Obviously we are not all going to be walking around with these earrings, but for those who do it is wireless all the way for you.

#wirelessearbuds #earbudcatchingearrings

So, in order to save yourself a tidy bundle of cash you might be thinking that these earrings are going to cost you a fair bit. Well sit back and be amazed, because these design of these earrings comes in the form of a 3D printer file, just download it from Thingiverse and print your own earrings, you might even want to make your friends some too, after all it’s nearly the festive season!

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