Turn your loved ones into crockery for easy storage!

We all know that the planet is getting smaller in terms of space, so that means finding a final resting place for our loved ones and ourselves in the future are becoming a little thin on the ground. This means that we are going to be more innovative in how we deal with this rather delicate situation. One such idea is to take the ashes and turn them into custom glaze on products such as a candle luminary, coffee mug, coupled bottles, jewelry, urn or a large bowl.

#Chronicle #CremationDesign

Creating objects that tell stories is my passion. I founded Chronicle following a death which lead to a period of personal growth. Instead of observing an urn or photograph on a shelf, I wanted a way to interact with memories on a daily basis. Our process was born out of a desire to keep those who’ve lived before us remembered and close.

#Chronicle #CremationDesign

Prices start from $159 for the jewelry and rises up to $649 for the coupled bottles, details are available in the Chronicle Cremation Design. So this is well within most budgets and it can become something to remember loved ones by. Naturally, there will be some who feel that this a little strange, but then again some people might feel the same about burials etc. It is not the best things to be speaking about, yet it is one subject that actually effects everyone of us in time!

Written by David Allen

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