Why Might You Need a Cloud Video Service for Microsoft Surface Hub?

The Microsoft Surface Hub is a collaborative tool that brings together your workforce in a productive environment. Combining the idea of video conferencing, document creation and document sharing enables you to work efficiently with people both in the office and outside it.

There are so many tools of this kind that it can sometimes be difficult to ensure everyone is working from the same end point; this can cause a problem with connectivity and even restrict levels of communication. One of the biggest problems with devices such as the Microsoft Surface Hub or other such technology is that they aren’t necessarily developed to work together. This is something that has been highlighted many times before, suggesting a demand for interoperability.

Cloud-driven collaboration

The development of cloud-based technology has provided many solutions for companies using various devices or processes. Turning work into an activity and not fixed to one place, using ‘the cloud’ can help to enhance your productivity further, helping you get better value out of your work.

A modern shift in the workforce has created a requirement for cloud-based collaboration. With flexible environments, mobile workforces and even different time zones and locations, not everyone is in the same office at the same time anymore. This modern take on employment means that technology must step up and accommodate it appropriately.

Cloud collaboration removes any technical barriers and even improves connectivity across different devices, platforms and even operating systems.

Why Might You Need a Cloud Video Service for Microsoft Surface Hub?

Making it simpler

Despite the cloud being yet another notion of technology to add to the list, this time it’s purpose is to make everything simpler and streamline your needs. Connecting to everyone from anywhere, using a cloud video service is one such way of having the ability to connect up to 30 people in one virtual meeting.

Signing up to cloud-based technology such as this can ensure your workforce are able to join the same meeting from any standards-based video device or mobile. Creating seamless collaboration thanks to its multi-user and multi-system features, the likes of a Cloud Room provides a virtual meeting space.

Opening up the opportunity for those using devices including WebRTC, PC, Mac or a smartphone, using cloud technology can bring together Skype for Business, Microsoft Surface Hub, Desk Endpoint or even Immersive Telepresence.

Whether you are working from home, part of a remote team or brought in as an extended member of the team, cloud video service allows you to experience the benefits of collaboration and communication. Easy and reliable, using cloud technology is one of the most effective means of working together.

Modern workforce

With the way we work having changed dramatically over the last decade, developments in technology have had to adapt and keep up with our office needs; enabling us to grow more connected while remaining flexible. The idea of visual collaboration not only provides improved collaboration, but also a greater productivity amongst the mobile workforce. Cutting through the difficulty, the likes of a cloud video service allows you to achieve it all in the simplest way possible.

So, if you’re using Microsoft Surface Hub but your clients or remote colleagues aren’t, a lack of interoperability is no longer a fear. Through using cloud technology, you can connect everyone on one level and in one meeting.