Vine may be dead but this is all Hype

You might be worried about the future of short mobile videos with the death of Vine, but fear not because the original team behind Vine have come up with Hype a live video streaming app. Vine may have gone for one reason or another, but the appetite for short snappy videos is still strong and Hype is hoping to fit in here, its free and available to download on iTunes right now.

HYPE. Broadcast live interactive video to the world. Going live will instantly notify your followers, who can comment, and interact with your broadcast. There are unlimited ways to get creative. Add photos, videos, music, gifs, and more into your live broadcast.

This is nothing new, but Hype does come with some interesting features like being able to share photos and video straight from your smartphone into your live stream, as well as being able to add text, emojis and backgrounds too. The competition such as Periscope have a head start, so Hype will need to live up to its name and create some in order to gain a foothold in this fast moving market.