The relationship between humans and technology

There has been a massive transformation of technology with regards to previous years. Yes, from those big phones ‘which used to charge “lots of money” per call’ to the advent of smartphone ‘accompanied by negligible call rate’ and now we have touchscreen phones. Yes, technology ‘was’, ‘is’ and ‘will’ always be on the move. Well, we may even be seeing robots doing majority of work of humans in near future as well. Let’s take a look at some of the reflections of technology in our day today lives

Enhancing the performance of humans

Technology has certainly increased the overall output of the humans by tapping their skills further. For example, wearable technology such as watches boost our performance.

Machines increasing the overall production

Machines have been a far more favorable substitute for increasing the output. Yes, I am talking about those dangerous work as well, which may have claimed the lives of people in the past along with seemingly other normal work which is now registering high production level.

Humans and machines complimenting each other

The most obvious reflection of a full-fledged technological invention can be seen with robots working hand in gloves with humans. Yes, it ensures the perfect combination of productivity along with speed. Considering the mammoth use of machines, I want to show how students are equally making use of the technology towards creating a name for themselves. Yes, more so as they are already proficient and knowledgeable about it and it simply boosts their chance of meeting success a lot easier. Yes, here I am talking about how professional coursework help towards enhancing the glory of your resume further. Yes, be it any or every subject related with technology etc., you can simply marvel at the thought of how your journey is going to be the easiest with this, in your final grades at your college.

Both machines and humans are becoming polished, like never before

The unanimous proof of the surge is Big Data which has made us realize about the capabilities of humans with respect to the smartness of machines as well. Now-a-days, they are used in a great way to create enough room for a smarter, healthier and a more productive world where tapping the best resources couldn’t have been possible without machines.

humans and technology

Humans are well aware about the machines

Thanks to the overall scenario where the machines are becoming smarter, humans are actually finding themselves to be at a lot more ease by feeling safe in the process as well. Yes, I am talking about the Internet of things which has better increased the use of machines into its full glory which works on power consumption, enhancing connectivity, and security etc. I can better help you with the example of Cujo.

So what is Cujo?

Well, it is a home network security solution. It protects the data on your network from malicious software and cyber attack. It provides immunity to your home network by providing enterprise-level security solution. It’s a plug ‘n play smart firewall. Just plug Cujo into your router and switch it ON, it starts working. It hacks into your data and sends the traffic to its cloud based solution provider. The data is thoroughly analyzed to check if there is any malware or phishing. It blocks ‘man in the middle’ attack. This smart firewall seamlessly sniffs all the data in your home network to make sure that no unauthorized access takes place and also intimates the user through an app, which has mapped all your home network devices.