The Sonic Foamer puts a head on your beer

How many times have your heard that a cool glass of beer should have a head of foam on it for flavour and character? However, it is not always the case as a glass of beer can quickly loose its head to become flat and characterless. But, no need to worry because help is at hand with the Sonic Foamer, simply place your glass of flat beer onto this handy device and press the button for a beer with a good bit of foam on top.

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This revolutionary device completely transforms the beer drinking experience by maintaining the head (aroma) throughout the beer. It uses a finely calibrated, ultrasonic vibration to activate the gases and create consistent sized bubbles. The science behind a foamed beer is that over 75% of what you taste is in your sense of smell, a foamed head will bring out the flavor of beers to delight and amaze beer lovers.

#sonicfoamer #beer #froth

You might be thinking that this kind of thing is not going to come cheap, but you might be surprised. The Sonic Foamer will be launching by the end of the year and you can get your hands on one from around $25! This is something that could totally transform your beer drinking experience, for more details and news on the Sonic Foamer check out their crowdfunding page, where there are other offers to explore!

Written by David Allen

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