Need to charge something? Just add water to the Cube!

If you have ever been away from a mains power supply you will know how scary it can be once the battery level indicator on your smartphone reaches that low point! Sure there are solar and wind chargers available, but they rely on the sun or wind and that is just leaving things to chance. What about a charger that requires just a top up with ordinary water, would that be useful? It sure would and this is the Cube!

 #thecube #waterpoweredcharger

Use it to charge or power up your USB devices – Android, iPhone, Tablets, Kindle, Electronic Cigarettes, computer games – any USB device, wherever you are, whenever you need. A single fill of water will recharge an iPhone or regular mobile phone, and if more power is needed, just empty the cube and refill it for more instant power!

 #thecube #waterpoweredcharger

The Cube is the perfect device for anyone who spends a lot of time away from the mains power supply, it will fit into the palm of your hand and it uses a special cartridge that can be used sixty times. One top up of water is enough to fully charge a smartphones battery! Now, you might be thinking that this kind of tech is going to cost the earth as well as saving it! The Cube will be launching early next year and you can bag yourself a bargain now by just pledging over £31 on The Cubes crowdfunding page.

Written by David Allen

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