The Digital Sommelier makes choosing wine easy

It is easy for most of us when we look at the rows of wine on offer in a supermarket to feel a little overwhelmed at the choices available. So we make our choices based on look, design, style and more often than not price, but there is more to a bottle of wine than that and this is where some help could come in handy.

We already have the technology ready for partner retailers in Europe, but this campaign is about giving it to you directly, everywhere through Facebook. Think about all the money wasted on bad wines that didn’t live up to your taste and expectations….shouldn’t we do something about that?

#DigitalSommelier #wine #wineapp

The Digital Sommelier has been created to make choosing a bottle wine easier than just taking a chance on price, look and feel. This is an app that takes a lot of factors into consideration, all you have to do is sit back and let the app choose for you. The choices are made based on your profile and this means that you will never be disappointed with a bottle of wine again.

Our algorithms have crunched the web like Google for websites and analyzed in terms of taste 12+ million wine reviews of 1.2+ million wines, adding 500k+ new reviews every month.

#DigitalSommelier #wine #wineapp

There are lot of wine based apps already out there and some are pretty good too, but the Digital Sommelier is different as it uses a form of AI and therefore is able to adjust to different circumstances. If you like wine then you will love the Digital Sommelier when it launches early next year, you can get involved from just 10 Euros on the crowdfunding page.