Make WordArt takes us back to Windows 95

Now using Windows 95 back in the day was a wonderful experience, in fact just using a computer then was amazing and believe it or not there are some people who want to head back to those days for one reason or another. This is Make WordArt its a text generator that allows you to create a cool text heading in a few styles and save it for later use. Yet while that is cool, the design is strictly retro so be prepared. The great thing about this is you will not experience the software freezing as often as the original Window 95 used to.

I remember turning in book reports for elementary school and spending more time customizing the WordArt on the cover than on the actual content of the report itself. WordArt was used and abused everywhere for years, and then suddenly it disappeared. I haven’t seen it used in years now. It just feels right to bring it back. I want to use it in iMessage. I want to slap it on business presentations. It’s funny, it’s nostalgic, it’s somehow beautiful. It’s lovably tacky type