Anycafe Travel Brewer for fresh coffee on the move
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14th November 2016

Anycafe Travel Brewer for fresh coffee on the move

Being a coffee lover I already know that there are issues facing us while travelling, yet like many other people I tend to buy a cup of coffee when possible only to be bitterly disappointed by the flavour or the fact that you can see the bottom of the cup because it has been made so weak. Yet, there are ways of avoiding this and the Anycafe Travel Brewer is one way to get a great cup of coffee whenever you need it, just add hot water!

With the Travel Brewerâ„¢, you can brew fresh, hot coffee anywhere in the world at just the push of a button. Our Patent Pending Continuous Brewing Method combines the convenience of a single-serve brewer with the quality and delight of a traditional home brewer. Just add any temperature water, your favorite blend of coffee, press the button, and after a few minutes your fresh cup is ready to enjoy.

So you know that you can make a nice cup of coffee whenever you want to with the Anycafe Travel Brewer, but how much is this going to cost? Well unlike many coffee systems that cost the earth, this one is not, pledge just $59 on the Anycafe Travel Brewer crowdfunding page and you can get yourself one of these coffee makers in either Black, Cornflower Blue, Racing Green, Seville Orange, Cardinal Red, and Tyrian Purple, with the 12v charging cable included! The downside is that these machines will not be available until late next year, for more details and to keep up with developments go to the Anycafe website.

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