Megasus Horserunners the next generation horseshoes

While design and technology has advanced a lot over the past century or so, there are some things that have remained fixed to the past and one good example is the horseshoe. Made from iron in a forge. While there are some instances of hi-tech horseshoe design for sports etc, in general a horse owner will be using the traditional metal horseshoe. That is all about to change with the Megasus Horserunners, these are made from tough durable material that simply clips onto the horses hoof and are held in place using special tapes, surely this must be taking the horseshoe out of the iron age and into the modern age.

This set comes with 4 pieces of Megasus Horserunners and all required fittings.
4 pieces of Megasus Horserunners
Side-Clips “Lock” in suitable amount +1 spare clip for each Megasus
Mega-Lock Tapes sufficient for 6-12 weeks (6 pieces per hoof)
Mega Pro-tapes: protection tape for grazing, 2 pieces for each hoof.
Non-woven web: one piece to roughen and clean the hoof.
Isopropyl alcohol to degrease the hoof before gluing

Now the here is that this is so new that the Megasus Horserunners are not even available yet, but they will be in mid 2017 with a retail price of around 289 Euros for a set of four with fittings. However, if you pre order the same set now from their crowdfunding page then you can bag the same set for just 198 Euros, now that has to be a bargain and is only available while stocks last. For more details on the Megasus Horserunners trot over to their website for news, images, videos and details on how to pre order a set.