Gamers Have More Sex Than Gym-Goers

New research conducted by a money saving website in the UK has revealed that gamers have more sex than any other group of males. Furthermore it was also found that the majority of video game enthusiasts put their partners’ sexual pleasure before their own.


New research has revealed that the traditional stereotype of a person that loves video games is something of the past, with partners of gamers saying they have sex ‘6 times a week’ – more than three times the amount that the other halves of gym-goers claimed.


The team at conducted the survey as part of an ongoing research into stereotypes. 2,357 UK-based women aged 18 and over, all of whom stated they were in a relationship and had been for the last year, were quizzed about their partners and their romantic lives.


Initially respondents were given a list of descriptions and were asked which one they associated with their partner. The results emerged as follows:


  1. 25% chose ‘gym goer’
  2. 21% ‘hipster’
  3. 17% ‘gamer’
  4. 12% ‘rockers’
  5. 9% ‘dad’
  6. 7% ‘nerdy’
  7. 6% ‘trend-setter’
  8. 3% ‘chav’

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Next, participants were asked if they felt they were happy with their sex life to which 78% agreed that they were. They were then asked how often they had sex with their partner. To find out which group was the most sexually active, the results were broken down and the average was found for each description. The following emerged as the results:


  1. Gamer – 6 times a week
  2. Hipster – 4 times a week
  3. Chav – 4 times a week
  4. Trend-setter – 3 times a week
  5. Nerdy – 3 times a week
  6. Rocker – 2 times a week
  7. Gym goer – once a week
  8. Dad – once a fortnight


Following on from this, all participants were asked “Does your partner care about your sexual needs and desires?” from this it was found that the most generous group were gamers; 59% put their partners needs before their own in the bedroom. It was found that the most ‘selfish’ group were ‘Trend-setters’; only 16% of respondents said they cared about their partners needs in the bedroom.


Finally respondents were asked what they thought was the ideal number of times to have sex in a week; the average answer emerged as 3 times.


George Charles of made the following comment:


“People usually assume that gamers are so busy playing games that they don’t have time for much else but this study has definitely proven this is just not the case. Many would assume macho gym goers would be constantly proving that they are ready to go in the bedroom but it really does go to show that you shouldn’t make snap judgements about people!