Keep your cables tidy with Shapes

Keeping your cables in order can often be a nightmare and still the result is a twisted bunch of wire that is not easy to unravel when you need take a charger or cable with you. Surely, there is an easier way of solving this annoying issue! Well there could be and they are called Shapes! These are lovely looking spheres and pyramids made from metal with a groove cut into the underneath for the cable to pass through, keeping everything in order.

SHAPES are aesthetically pleasing geometrical figures made of metal which are designed to hold cables, wires, chargers and also to serve as an perfect addition to your home decor. They help organize your work space and make your interior more unique and modern

If you like the look of these Shapes cable organisers then you are in luck, because if things go according to plan then they will be available early next year with a retail price of around $29. However you can get involved early by pledging to back the project with $25, for that you will get one sphere or pyramid Shape in either silver, gold or rose coloured metal. For more details head over to the crowdfunding page.