The paper EcoHelmet for the spontaneous cyclist

In London and other cities you will see rows of bikes just waiting for someone to come along and take advantage of these schemes, but while you can hire a bike they do not come with a helmet! So unless you happen to carrying a cycle helmet around with you, then the choice is to get on a bike with no protection and that could be fatal to the cyclist should they be involved in an accident.

How can using bike share be a safer and less stressful experience? Almost ninety percent of bike share users don’t wear helmets, and nearly all report feeling unsafe on the road. EcoHelmet is an inexpensive folding helmet that can be purchased onsite and recycled when at the end of the ride.

This is the EcoHelmet, it is made from recycled paper that has been made waterproof and its honeycomb design ensures that it offers the wearer protection from all angles. As if that was not enough, the EcoHelmet folds flat for easy storage or it could even be placed within a vending machine allowing the spontaneous cyclist to a safe cyclist too.